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UK and Ireland Forward-Looking Data Insights 2022

Using data from our Business Intelligence Solutions, we hope that these monthly extracts give useful insight into the UK & Ireland markets, so you can make better and more informed decisions about your business.

If you’d like a complimentary Amadeus Business Intelligence report, including forward-looking hotel and flight data, or would like to understand more about how this data can benefit your business, please reach out to our team of experts.

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January 2022

2022 has begun – what is our Demand360® data telling us about booking trends in the UK & Ireland this new year?

The UK Government have started the new year by sharing the news that on 27th January, England will be moving back to Plan A, meaning rules on face coverings and COVID passports will be relaxed. So how has this impacted booking trends across the UK & Ireland? We explore what Amadeus’ flight and forward-looking on the books Demand360® data is showing.

Occupancy is consistently over double of that seen last year

Looking from mid-December to early February, we can see that occupancy is consistently more than double the previous year, peaking at 40% the week of 26th December. Occupancy does drop as we look towards the end of January and into February, but keep in mind that 43% of bookings are being made within 0-7 days of travel. Be sure to capture last minute demand with targeted promotions.

Last year, travellers were booking more last-minute stays, or trips far in advance, with 57% of bookings being made either 0-1 days pre-stay or 91+ days ahead of travel. This booking behaviour now only makes up for 38% of bookings. This could signify an increase in traveller confidence, as 41% of bookings are being made 8-90 days before travel. Utilizing data is the key to ensuring your media strategies are aligned with current trends, enabling you to more easily capture demand.

Who is travelling to the UK & Ireland?

We can see from the top 10 source countries, that while the UK is still responsible for 36-47% of flights to the UK & Ireland, international travel is steadily coming back. While most international flights are from Europe, the United States currently remains in the top 10 for both the UK & Ireland throughout January-March. When developing your media strategy, be sure to leverage this information and target the countries that are showing an increase in demand with dedicated campaigns for last minute bookings to capture the 43% of travellers that are booking within 0-7 days of travel.

Where are bookings coming from?

When comparing the booking channel mix this year with last year, we can see a 6% increase in bookings made through and an 11% decrease in direct bookings. There is also a noticeable shift in OTA bookings, which have increased by 7%, while GDS bookings have decreased by 2%. It is important to maintain a diverse channel mix in order to maximise your property’s visibility and increase direct bookings. Download the Personalization and Direct Bookings Playbook for tips on how to improve conversion, both on your website and through booking engines.

Ensure your property is well positioned to take on this new year by leveraging data that will help you better understand potential customers and their booking behaviour. With this information, you can target the right audiences at the perfect time to secure more all-important bookings. And don’t forget, the guest experience is more important now than ever before. Invest in technology to help you streamline operations, seamlessly manage groups and events, and maintain lasting relationships to help build life-long, returning guests.

It’s important when starting a new year to look back on the one we’ve just had, so we’ve put together a collection of highlights from 2021 on how Amadeus has helped to rebuilt travel. Explore our Year in Review to learn more and contact us if you would like to learn more about how you can build back stronger in 2022.

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