Maximize direct bookings and recapture lost revenue

Turn Lookers into Bookers with iHotelier Booking Engine 4.0

Amadeus’s iHotelier Booking Engine 4.0™ turns lookers into bookers and ensures your web direct channel is performing at the highest possible levels. Deliver a simple, intuitive and responsive user experience across all devices to make direct bookings fast and simple. Guide guests through the booking path with interactive message displays and clear calls to action. Engage guests with targeted merchandising of add-on services and upgrades. Bring back users who have abandoned the booking process with an inviting recapture and re-engagement experience that makes it easy to complete the booking process.

Engage and convert a growing mobile audience

Leverage award-winning mobile-first design to deliver a simple and intuitive booking
experience on Brand.com. Engage users and move them seamlessly through the booking flow with an intuitive interactive navigation bar. Offer easy checkout with automated form fields and credit card image capture to reduce abandonment.

Immerse guests in the shopping experience

Increase conversion and upsell through compelling shopping experiences, high-definition multimedia and unique cross- and upsell capabilities. Fully integrate high-definition video, imagery and iconography to highlight the best your property has to offer. Feature upsell and cross-sell opportunities that encourage guests to upgrade and extend their stays.

Recapture lost revenue opportunities and minimize abandonment

Leverage unique room hold functionality, behavioral guest data, and personalized ads and emails to increase engagement and conversion. Allow guests to complete bookings at a more convenient time through unique Room Hold capability. Recapture abandoned guests with personalized remarketing emails that showcase offers based on the guest’s unique user behavior and previous search. Leverage behavioral guest data to serve guests personalized remarketing ads.

Main Features

A single-age application

Engaging a growing “mobile-first” audience

Responsive design

Optimizing user experience across devices

Interactive guidance bar

Moving users seamlessly through the booking path

Fully integrated high-definition video, enlarged images and iconography

Compelling users to book

Social-proof and urgency messaging

Driving users toward a purchase decision

Easy checkout with credit card image capture ​

Reducing barriers to conversion on mobile devices

Unique Room Hold functionality​

Bringing users back to the direct channel to recapture lost revenue opportunities

Key Benefits

  • Increased direct bookings
  • Heightened guest spend
  • Upsell and cross-sell opportunities that encourage guests to upgrade and extend their stays
  • Recaptured revenue from guests who have abandoned the booking process


Hotels that have migrated to
​iHotelier Booking Engine 4.0 have realized on average:

iHotelier Booking Engine

Direct Booking Increase

23% increase in direct bookings overall

Mobile Bookings Up

155% increase in mobile bookings – more than doubling mobile conversion rates

mobile 155 percent

17 percent

Return Visits

17% recaptured bookings through our unique Room Hold functionality