Promote your property on key GDS screens at the travel agent point of sale

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GDS Advertising

Break through and reach travel agents with TravelClick’s GDS Advertising, featuring messages about your hotel’s promotions and specials. Increase your hotel’s visibility and bookings. Target specific need dates during precise booking windows to secure bookings from a captive audience and maximize occupancy.​


Main Features

Placements across multiple GDSs

GDS agnostic and performance driven media planning

Text and graphical advertisements

Promoting your hotel at the point of sale

Proprietary targeting

Maximizing visibility with the most important Travel Agencies for hotels like yours

How this benefits your hotel

  • Higher visibility on GDS
  • Increase in GDS bookings
  • Outperform your competition

69% Circle Chart

Travel Agent Visits

69% of travel agents click on or visit travel agent media promotional pages

Client Influence

77% of travel agents influence their client bookings

Travel Agent Influence