Intelligently set prices with real-time visibility into more than 10 billion rates monthly.


Get a Complete Picture of Competitive Pricing

The hospitality industry has become saturated with new hotel offerings and channels for travelers to use when booking a stay. With so many options for travelers nowadays, hoteliers need to have a constant pulse on what’s happening in their market. To thrive in this highly competitive landscape, you need access to a comprehensive, 360-degree view of critical rate information for both your property and your various competitive sets.

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Access 10 Billion Rates Monthly, in Real-time

Rate360 is a business intelligence solution that enables hoteliers to view rates across segments and channels and make better distribution and pricing decisions. Rate360 provides 95% sanctioned rate data rather than simple site-scraping, so you can confidently rely on accurate, high quality, real-time data to stay one step ahead of everyone else in your market.

Key Benefits

  • Access 12 months of forward-looking rate data across your property and competitive sets
  • Access more than 10 billion rates monthly from hotel brands, online travel agents, and global distribution systems
  • View data from more than 600 sources worldwide
  • Maintain strong rate integrity and up-to-the-minute intelligence with trusted, real-time rates
  • Integrate with most RMS and property management systems (PMS)
  • Make full use of the product with training and video resources, including self-paced learning services and participant guides
  • Get help easily with the built-in help function and worldwide customer care services

Stay ahead of your competition

If you’re going to compete effectively, you need to know what you’re up against. Rate360 shows you exactly how your rates compare to the competition’s, factoring in everything from type of room to length and dates of stay.

  • Monitor your competitors’ performance for past, present, and forward-looking dates to verify your rates are on point
  • Compare your rates to competitor rates on any dates you choose
  • Optimize rates to compete with short-term rentals using Alternative Accommodations

Understand How Pricing Influences Demand

Maximize profitability and refine your pricing decisions before your competition can react through integrated data between Rate360 and Demand360. With this level of detail, you can predict your profitability with a metric no other platform offers: your RevPAR rank compared to your competitive set looking forward 12 months.

Enterprise Hotel Management Software

We collect more than 10 billion rates every month from hotel brands, online travel agents and global distribution systems.

Rate360 600+ Sources

We gather information from more than 600 sources worldwide.

NEW: Edge out short-term rental competition

Short-term rentals continue to disrupt the hospitality industry, and thriving hoteliers know they need access to the right data about their alternative accommodation competitors to attract travelers. With Rate360, you can view the rates and distribution of over 27 million short-term rental listings to ensure your price remains competitive. You can also identify trends over time across the most popular short-term rental sites to stay ahead of any future disruptions and easily adapt.

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