Business Intelligence


Complete your competitive view with insight into alternative accommodations.

Available for Demand360® and RevenueStrategy360™.

Alternative Accommodations Solution

For the first time, gain even deeper insight into your entire competitive market by integrating the rapidly expanding world of alternative accommodations, or short-term rentals, in your Business Intelligence suite.

Backed by years of experience in business intelligence and based on customer feedback Amadeus has developed this new solution. You can now analyze an entirely different segment of competitors in your area and comprehensively adjust your strategies beyond your immediate comp set. The Alternative Accommodations Solution integrates with both Demand360 and RevenueStrategy360 for increased insight, viewable side by side with your existing data.


How this benefits your hotel

Access 27 million alternative accommodations listings worldwide, updated on a daily basis.

  • Understand and analyze the alternative accommodations market in your area, including the characteristics and distribution of listings, and identify trends over time.

Optimize your occupancy and rates to compete with alternative accommodations.

  • Review the forward-looking availability, rates, and pick up of local alternative accommodations relative to your Demand360 and RevenueStrategy360 data to make even better informed decisions to adjust your rates, distribution mix, and marketing spend. Increase your bottom line and keep your guest rooms full.