Agency360® now includes Agency360+, expanding insights beyond just the GDS to provide a full market view​


Introducing Agency360+

Agency360+ brings expanded insights beyond just the GDS with new data sources from Demand360® and Amadeus Intelligent Markets all in one simple interface. As the industry’s only source of forward-looking and on-the-books data, Agency360+ gives you confidence in planning sales, prospecting, and marketing strategies to maximize revenue.

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“With Amadeus’ Agency360® solution, we have access to the most current data across GDS Market performance. With this level of insight, our hotels will have the information they need to grow both their corporate and leisure business.”

Armanda Santangeli
Managing Director Americas, The Leading Hotels of the World, LTD

With Agency360+, get all the existing benefits of Agency360®

​Take your prospecting to the next level with unprecedented insight into corporate activity at your fingertips.​

Agency360+ is a complimentary addition to existing Agency360 subscribers.


The only truly comprehensive GDS view in the industry

Agency360+ is the industry’s only business intelligence solution that tracks 100% of travel agent bookings from all four major GDS providers: Amadeus, Galileo, Sabre, and Worldspan. Identify and capture revenue opportunities early on with forward-looking data about agency booking patterns.  Stay flexible with an understanding of which agencies to prioritize as booking behaviors evolve and remain confident that you’re making the most informed decisions possible.

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Key Benefits

  • Additional insights from Demand360® and Amadeus Intelligent Markets with corporate production​
  • Global coverage with data refreshed three times per week​
  • Past, current, and future bookings, so you can track over time​
  • Multi-property views in an intuitive, integrated platform that displays all dashboards for each property in one place​
  • Visibility into 100% of travel agent bookings across all major GDS platforms enhanced by your multi-competitive set view​
  • Filter by rate type to easily compare consortia, corporate, and non-negotiated rate performance​
  • Full agency profiles with detailed contact info​
  • Full training with basic, intermediate, and advanced options with extensive support​
  • Comprehensive, actionable reporting with data visualization and multi-property filtering

Use a complete global GDS picture to increase bookings

Make GDS pricing decisions earlier than your competitors, with unprecedented insight into ADR and profitability from all past, present, and future competitive GDS bookings. From one source, gather data from 100% of 12-month historical and forward-looking bookings in all four major GDS’s within your competitive set.

Gain visibility into corporations that are booking though travel agencies

Save time and effort by seeing the names of the companies behind travel agency bookings in addition to the PCC level details. This level of visibility expedites your ability to identify which agencies and corporations you need to develop stronger relationships with. Unlock access to data that looks beyond negotiated business that helps you focus on non-negotiated or Consortia opportunities. Ultimately leverage this depth of information to prepare early for RFP season by understanding seasonality, overall profitability, and new targets for RFP consideration.

Shift GDS share away from the competition

Maximize your share in GDS bookings by tracking results of GDS advertising campaigns, specific promotions, and even individual agency performance so you can adapt your strategies. Prioritize which agencies to work more closely with by identifying which ones book the most revenue into your competitive sets, but not your property. Forge stronger relationships with agencies.

Forge stronger relationships with agencies

It can take up significant effort and time to identify agencies that are booking more into your competitive set than your property, let alone know who to reach out to. With Agency360+, you can work smarter and not harder by instantly identifying which agencies are not booking enough into your property. You can also pull comprehensive agency profiles with contact information to know exactly who you need to be building better relationships with.

We pull in more than five million global distribution system bookings each month from over 80,000 agencies worldwide

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