HotSOS Service Optimization Enterprise Software Solution for Hotels

HotSOS Hotel Communication Platform

(Amadeus Service Optimization)


How Can Your Hotel Further its Connective Culture? Set a New Standard of Unified Hotel Communications Across All Departments.

Stellar execution behind the scenes are not only necessary to maximize efficiency, but will ensure guests return to where their individual needs are known and met. By combining the traditions of hospitality with the latest in technology, Amadeus Service Optimization Solutions reach across the entire hotel ecosystem to orchestrate guest experiences that are memorable, shareable and surprising.

In 2019, users sent over 138 million messages via HotSOS to keep communication flowing smoothly.

  • Enable your staff to anticipate, delight, and surprise hotel guests.
  • Improve building integrity, service levels and productivity.
  • Remove friction created by manual communication and processes



Set a New Service Standard

Delivering thoughtful and personalized service is no easy task without the right technology. The HotSOS Standard module centralizes hotel guest information to keep your staff in the loop about a traveler’s needs and preferences, as well as ensuring operations can run smoothly at the click of a button.

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Capabilities at a Glance:

(Amadeus Service Optimization)

+ Advanced Task Automation
+ Scheduled Maintenance
+ Mobile Access
+ Hotel Room Inspections
+ Hotel Guest Management
+ PMS Integration
+ Access to over 200+ API Integrations, including PMS

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With HotSOS, You Can:

Wow hotel guests with exceptional service and increase loyalty

By automating hotel communications, you can unlock staff capabilities to deliver guest service faster, complete more proactive tasks and have open lines of communication throughout.

Streamline complex preventative maintenance projects for increased efficiency, while easily collaborating across departments for projects.

Have a 360° View of your Hotel

Be able to see team and individual productivity in real time via tailored dashboards, ensure any escalations are rapidly mitigated and prioritize critical communications. Key information is disseminated instantly to the right team member at the right time.

Drive Hotel Guest Loyalty

Create more meaningful interactions with your guests through profiling tools that provide important information about their individual preferences and needs. Recognize returning hotel guests, be aware of special requests or occasions, and gather other attributes to make sure every experience is a personalized one.

Gain Deeper Business Insight with Detailed Reporting

Put your data to work. Pull reports and analyze operational data to understand your biggest challenges so you can develop ways to solve for them. Understanding your business today paves the way for a better business tomorrow.

New Guide Available

Using Data to Help Shape Hotel Operations

Market insights can play a key role in preparing hotel operations as demand returns. Discover the many ways data can help support a strategy that positions you for success.

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“HotSOS has been the most significant investment during the renovation in improving work quality and enhancing the guest experience.”

Francois Delahaye
General Manager & COO, The Dorchester Collection Group