HotSOS Mild

Your hotels may offer more basic services, but your guests and staff still expect fast response times, open and straightforward communication channels, and exceptional amenities. HotSOS Mild by Amadeus is a platform built to help select service hotels connect guests, service agents, and responders by automating response procedures and giving employees enhanced flexibility in meeting guests’ needs.

HotSOS Mild meets the unique needs of select service hotels

Amadeus HotSOS Mild is an innovative solution engineered expressly to give select service hotels the tools they need to deliver outstanding experiences, without extra features that aren’t relevant to their operations. When staying at select service properties, guests expect the same level of assistance and fast response times that they demand of full-service hotels and resorts. The HotSOS Mild platform automates many of your most important daily operations, and schedules and tracks preventative maintenance to keep your hotel operating in peak condition, so you and your team can provide consistent service at a great value.

Software that connects your operational units to improve service and response times

Just like larger full-service properties, select service hotels are frequently plagued by communication gaps that inhibit the staff’s ability to meet guests’ needs efficiently. When you rely only on manual processes, requests and dispatches aren’t prioritized effectively, and workflow bottlenecks inevitably ensue. With HotSOS Mild, you can make sure that guest requests are automatically dispatched to the proper channel immediately and enable different units to collaborate seamlessly to handle guest issues in record time. Service agents and maintenance personnel can access the platform from any connected device or computer, allowing them to communicate updates in real time and streamline workflows.

HotSOS Mild helps select service hotels deliver exceptional service

Guests are often looking for a select service hotel experience when they book, but they won’t accept lackluster service and long response times as a result. Building brand loyalty means giving them the kinds of exceptional experiences they expect every time they check in, even without many of the resources afforded to full-service properties. HotSOS Mild gives your team flexible and powerful tools that enable them to make informed decisions on the fly. It also features advanced analytical capabilities, so you can continually refine your processes for the benefit of your employees and guests.

Let Amadeus show you how HotSOS Mild can empower you to exceed guest expectations

Your guests deserve the best, and with HotSOS Mild from Amadeus, your hotel will be equipped to give it to them. Let your team members put their best foot forward in every guest interaction by providing them with the automation, connectivity, and flexibility offered by the HotSOS Mild solution. To request a free demo of this innovative platform, and see real examples of how it will work in your property, contact an Amadeus representative today.

“…a scalable and affordable solution.”

Ed Burke
Vice President, Rooms & Engineering, Interstate Hotels & Resorts