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HotSOS Housekeeping Software

(Amadeus Service Optimization)


Create a Sense of Connected Culture from the Inside Out

From the moment a guest enters the lobby, set the tone for what’s to come. Ensuring a fast check-in process will lead to a clean, comfortable room. When hotels run on manual processes, they are prone to service errors and miscommunication that can cause delays and subpar room conditions. Hoteliers that invest in HotSOS Housekeeping can sleep well knowing their maintenance and housekeeping tasks are logged and responded to in a timely fashion without sacrificing guest satisfaction.


By Leveraging Service Optimization’s automation, hotel leaders last year were able to save $148 mil in guest room and housekeeping efficiencies

Capabilities at a Glance:

HotSOS Housekeeping Software
(Amadeus Service Optimization)

Enables all hotel properties to manage:
+ Advanced Task Automation
+ Scheduled Maintenance
+ Housekeeping Automation Mobile
+ Room Inspections
+ Hotel Guest Management
+ Access to over 200+ API Integrations PMS Integration

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Make a Lasting First Impression on Every Guest

Daily decision-making, such as room assignment and turnover schedule, is automated by a system that draws on data such as guest preferences, personalized check-in, and check-out times. Possibilities for human error are reduced, and occupancy is maximized. Staff are highly responsive and can access real-time insight to solve tasks, whether they are checking room occupancy, stock levels, or ticket availability for the hit show being performed that evening. Their decisions are empowered through Service Optimization solutions with relevant information quickly and help to eliminate delay.



With HotSOS Housekeeping Software, You Can:

Streamline Housekeeping Teams

Intelligently automate the prioritization, communication and dispatching of your entire housekeeping operation. This way, the most important rooms are cleaned first and valuable staff time is spent where it is needed most.

Quickly identify, understand and act on areas of improvement for better hotel room cleanliness, service delivery and housekeeping staff productivity, ultimately improving brand reputation

Create Long Term Relationships with Your Guests

Give all guest facing staff the right information to enhance service interactions. Expose guest preferences and special requests like loyalty status, so that your staff can use those attributes to turn a guest stay into a truly memorable one.

Create tangible guest loyalty by utilizing the data logged about each guest’s behavior, to help you anticipate what they may want the next time around.

Leverage Your New Ecosystem

With every department connected together through HotSOS Housekeeping software, the guest experience benefits from arrival to departure. Turn rooms faster, prioritize housekeeping tasks, increase cleanliness scores, foster more synergy between departments and always ensure the guest comes first.

Unlock Manager Capabilities to Support Staff Optimization

Allow managers to work better together with exposure to staff and team productivity data in real time. While the system sends critical communications and changes in work priorities that used to take time, managers can spend more time leading their teams.

Allow managers to better develop hotel staff skills through performance data than can be used in staff reviews and training. Recognize exceptional work, and quickly identify what staff skills could be strengthened over time.

Continuously Improve Your Business

Utilize the mountains of data that HotSOS Housekeeping software collects about staff and guest behaviors to make more informed decisions. These can directly impact improvements to labor management, hotel guest personalization, building integrity and service delivery.



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