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A fresh perspective on the trends, issues, and technology shaping the future of hospitality. We bring you conversations with hospitality executives, hoteliers, travel agents (and everyone in between!) to unpack the forces behind the changing traveler’s journey. From business and leisure travel trends to hotel management strategies, we blend industry data with expert perspectives to guide the hospitality industry in this ever-evolving time.

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June 21 2021

How to Build Profitable Offerings and Loyalty Programs During Recovery with Jon Davis

In this episode, we sit down with Jon Davis, Chief Technology Officer at Village Hotels, to learn how his teams were able to diversify their offerings and launch a fully-evolved loyalty program to better suit their most profitable business segments. We also take a closer look at how technology and data allowed Village Hotels to reopen while still giving guests the same level of service they have come to expect, and how hoteliers can adapt these concepts regardless of size or budget.

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[PODCAST] Problem Solving Through the Pandemic and Building a Culture of Creativity with Shane Green

Erin Elkind

In this episode, we are joined by world-renowned speaker, author, and television personality Shane Green. We discuss the importance of understanding the moments that matter in a guest’s journey and incorporating the human element as the foundation of a hospitality business. We also talk about how to build a culture of creativity, problem-solving, and excellence…

[PODCAST] Evolving the Guest Experience Through Digital Communication with Ford Blakely

Erin Elkind

In this episode, we sit down with Ford Blakely, the founder of Zingle, to discuss the current state, emerging trends, and areas of opportunity for contactless technology. We learn how text messages and digital communication channels are enabling better, faster, and safer experiences by creating physical distance between hotel staff and guests; a key element that has…