Manage Payments Securely with Pay Per Link and Amadeus

While many hotels still rely on manual credit card authorization forms to guarantee a room reservation, this process is needlessly exposing them to greater fraud potential and charge-backs since the card information is not secure. Pay Per Link from Worldline not only solves this problem but also helps hotels increase revenue.

How? With a pre-paid reservation rate strategy, the hotel can offer guests a discounted rate upfront that is non-refundable. The guest has the added incentive to book at a discounted rate, while the hotel receives a secure payment in full that is then entered into Amadeus IDPMS without actually storing the card data. Travelers who’ve paid up front are less likely to cancel than those with a flexible rate, giving hoteliers more piece of mind to forecast their business. It’s a win-win for the property and guests!

Pay Per Link Partnership


To see the Pay Per Link and Amadeus partnership in action, read our case study from XO Hotels.

Rebuilding Hospitality: Trends in Demand, Data and Technology That are Driving Recovery

Our brand-new report “Rebuilding Hospitality: Trends in Demand, Data and Technology That are Driving Recovery” combines global hotelier insights with Amadeus business intelligence data to surface worldwide recovery trends. We dig into the specific tactics hoteliers around the world have used to navigate the challenges of COVID-19 and highlighted which trends hoteliers think are likely to stay as the industry turns a corner.