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Knowland Integration Meetingbroker

Knowland Insight Elite Completes Integration with Amadeus MeetingBroker

Guest blog post from Alexis Allen, VP of Product, Knowland


Amadeus Sales and Event Management – Advanced customers already know the benefits of this powerful CRM tool. Add Amadeus MeetingBroker to that, and you’re well on your way to triaging inbound RFP leads. But what about your outbound efforts? How are you tracking your prospecting activity for new business when inbound leads aren’t filling your calendar?

Finding new business to expand group sales and fill hotel need periods is always a challenge. Hotels rely on Knowland Insight Elite to find reoccurring opportunities to match their hotel’s profile, but the process of transferring these leads into Amadeus Sales & Event Management – Advanced has been time-consuming and difficult to track.

Now, with the integration of Knowland Insight Elite, you can send your outbound leads directly to the Advanced module! No more manual cutting, pasting or re-keying of information, giving you more time to work the business. Users can now quickly create inquiries, convert them to bookings, and optimize the workflow with a click of a button.

Knowland Insight Elite

With this integration, Amadeus MeetingBroker is working for you on both inbound and outbound; from an RFP funnel to a lead funnel. You can prospect right inside one interface saving you time, gaining efficiency, and growing your group business.

Additional benefits of the Knowland and Amadeus integration:

  • Streamline prospecting activities and outcomes with optimized tracking and reporting
  • Save time and gain greater efficiencies for your sales team
  •  Manage future call-back opportunities


But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what some of our pilot customers are saying:

  • More than 82% like how they can easily set traces out on future opportunities
  • More than 79% believe that using Knowland Insight Elite paired with Amadeus Sales and Event Management – Advanced allows them to prospect more efficiently
  • 66% of customers say it saves them time by sending their Insight Elite prospects directly to Advanced



Contact a Knowland or Amadeus representative, or register for Knowland’s upcoming webinar to learn more about this new integration!


Guest blog post from Alexis Allen, VP of Product, Knowland

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