Hotel Management 2020

Jacki Brown

Hotel Management 2020

Today’s hotel managers are juggling familiar goals with new challenges and ever-growing guest expectations. Whether they’re running a full-service luxury resort or basic economy property, any seasoned GM knows their goals remain the same – create exceptional guest experiences and empower their teams to deliver them. This is in addition to the hard reality of balancing costs, especially those related to headcount, without compromising the guest experience.

Technology does, indeed, play a major role in achieving these goals. But that role is based first and foremost on flawless execution — eliminating the sources of friction in a hotel organization; getting the right information to the right place at the right time; freeing staff to focus on high-value activities; and giving guests (or planners, in the case of group business) an experience that anticipates and addresses their needs at every turn.

Hotel Management

With the hospitality industry growing year over year, there’s never been a better time for forward-thinking GMs to define and execute business goals. To help you, we’ve created the eBook Hotel Management 2020 The Guide to Future-Proofing Operations to Drive Revenue and Address the New Realities of Guest Relations.

Hotel Management 2020 identifies key challenges in the industry and actionable solutions that your team can begin to implement today. Learn innovative ways to manage guest expectations in hotel reservations, ensure sustainable growth in sales and catering, and streamline operations.

Topic areas include:

  • Mastering the hotel reservations process and channel management
  • Building and nurturing relationships to grow your sales, catering & event management business
  • Leveraging technology to support operational excellence


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