New Study Cites Solution Integrations as Area of Booking Engine and Metasearch Opportunity

Mark Bedard

In a new study recently released by h2c, Global IBE and Metasearch Management Study, research shows that major gaps in Internet Booking Engine (IBE) effectiveness are directly related to a lack of integrations between IBEs and core systems, suggesting opportunities for hoteliers to close the integration gaps between systems. Study results also showed that nearly 1 out 3 hoteliers have no integrations in place between IBEs and Metasearch solutions, which represents additional opportunities for hoteliers to leverage integrations to improve the performance and ROI of metasearch systems.

The global study conducted by h2c, a hospitality-specific market research and strategy consultancy, was developed from a combination of online survey results, executive interviews with hoteliers, and interviews with leading IBE and metasearch management technology providers.

Study participants ranked Amadeus as the #1 IBE provider for small chains, and the #1 most innovative IBE provider in the industry.

The new study further demonstrates a widespread desire for greater personalization capabilities across IBE and Metasearch solutions, examines the top measures hoteliers employ to optimize IBE conversion rates, and highlights the Metasearch fee model (CPA vs. CPC) that different size chains perceive as delivering the greatest ROI.

For hoteliers, there are several key points highlighted in the new study that can be assessed against existing and planned distribution and booking strategies to help increase performance and meet guest expectations:

  • Data residing in separate systems makes personalized guest engagement impossible to achieve, and as a result, the majority of hotel chains (particularly small chains) are not able to deliver true personalization.
  • Lack of upselling features, rate strategy support, mobile features, and limited customization are top pain points for hotel chains.
  • The number of bookings versus the number of website visits has nearly doubled over the past several years.
  • Greater integration between IBE and CRM solutions is needed to help better personalize the shopping experience.
  • Greater integration between IBE and loyalty programs is needed to better recognize and reward repeat guests for greater loyalty and raise the lifetime value of the guest.


View the Global IBE and Metasearch Management Study here to see the complete study and learn how Amadeus is breaking down barriers between systems to improve the impact and performance of booking engine and metasearch solutions.


View the Study

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