Evolution of HotSOS Service Optimization

Hotel Service Optimization

Delivering on the guest experience and getting things done are key components to the hotel operations mission.  Hotel housekeeping and maintenance teams are the resources behind the scenes that make things happen.

In August 2016, Dan Phillips talked in an article in Hospitality Upgrade about the following:

HotSOS MobileIn a recent skift report on guest frustrating components of their stay, 33% of guests surveyed said the cleanliness of their room, 25% said the check in / check out process and 20% said issues with a request that was made during their stay were at the top of their list of concerns.

In Hospitality Upgrade’s spring 2016 issue, Those Other Screens – The Ones Our Staff Use emphasizes that it is not just about getting a guest to book at your hotel through solutions but it is also getting employees to work for you based on the solutions you provide.  The latest version of HotSOS builds on the supervisor and staff experience that Amadeus Hospitality has been delivering for years to enable operational teams to make it even easier to manage and execute on the daily tasks the provide the foundation of the guest experience.

To help hotels decrease the guest friction while delivering the guest experience, Amadeus Hospitality’s HotSOS 3.0 solution is available and ready to help you and your team get things done.

The new release allows:

  • Supervisors to search, find and visualize where their teams are working better than ever before.
  • Staff to view, engage and execute on their work faster with the streamlined user experience and new task notification capabilities.
  • Finally routing tasks from guests to staff members keeps getting easier with the growing number of integration partners which include some of last year’s integrations like Zingle and KeyPR, along with this year’s support for Interel and React Mobile.

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