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Supporting Village Hotels Through Covid Recovery

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The Booking Revolution

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Amadeus Integrated Booking Suite and Village Hotels

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The Booking Revolution


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Hotel and Lodging

Campaign Element – Email

Campaign Element – Landing Page

Village Hotels is a lifestyle hotel brand consisting of 31 properties across the United Kingdom that has historically focused on adding value for guests through rich F&B offers. They faced a significant challenge in boosting occupancy while maintaining brand standards during post-2020 COVID-19 closure recovery, and knew it was imperative to harness the power of their membership program and strong ancillary revenue streams.

To aid in their properties’ reopening and recovery efforts and drive repeat loyalty, they sought to encourage new sign-ups to a newly launched logged-in member program called “The Booking Revolution,” powered by Amadeus’ iHotelier and Guest Management Systems integration. To do this, they sent targeted marketing emails to their existing customer base, encouraging them with a compelling offer to sign up for the new member program on their booking engine and therefore unlock members-only rates. To entice guests to either sign up or book, Village Hotels offered Revolution members rooms a £25/night discount, depending on their stay dates. They also leveraged iHotelier’s unique promotional advertisements to merchandize the member rate offer on the booking engine, allowing guests to click through the ad to sign up and book.


By displaying consistent, enticing, and creative messaging to guests at every step of their journey from marketing email to booking engine messaging, Village Hotels was able to garner $1.1M+ of revenue during the first month of the Booking Revolution program launch by leveraging three of Amadeus’ key hospitality solutions – Reservations, GMS, and Web. This also yielded 114k new members and 26k new bookings during their first month after reopening after the COVID-19 related closure in Spring 2020.

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