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Price Position Demonstrations

​​​​We have 11 demonstrations to help you understand the Price Position processes. Click the Price Position Demonstrations button to access.


You can also access these demonstrations through the Help link in the Price Position application.

Price Position Documentation

Price Position Course

This course provides a look at the Price Position online application, which takes you far beyond your emailed rate reports. In addition to identifying your shopping and reporting profiles, you will also learn about live, real-time rate shopping, and how to self-manage your subscription.
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Price Position Application Essentials

All users should understand that MarketVision Price Position is much more than an emailed report—the web-based application provides interaction with an ever-changing database. This course explores the application’s core features and functionality so you can take full advantage of the application’s power. Discover various methods for extracting timely and valuable information that can assist in your pricing and forecasting. Learn to use the application to produce custom reports, retrieve historical data, modify existing shopping and reporting profiles, as well as create new ones.

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