2022 IAC Entry - Amadeus and SEPAQ Hotels

Special Promotion merchandising drives immediate results

Campaign Entry

Quebec City Tourism Incentive

Name of Entry
Amadeus and SEPAQ Hotels

Name of product or service
Quebec City Tourism Incentive


Online Campaign

Industry Category
Hotel and Lodging

SEPAQ (Société des établissements de plein air du Québec) is a public organization devoted to showcasing the natural beauty of the Canadian Province of Quebec through trips, experiences, and stays.

SEPAQ Hotels was looking to take advantage of a new incentive sponsored by the Quebec City Tourism Board that offered a $75 CAD gift card for every two-night stay at 115 local area hotels which could be utilized for local attractions within the city. With only a single day from the incentive’s announcement on May 31st, 2021 until program launch, SEPAQ was looking to quickly take advantage of the new program to help drive bookings to their properties.

Amadeus helped SEPAQ to quickly and easily promote the new gift card incentive to potential guests using Amadeus iHotelier and Guest Management Solutions (GMS).

SEPAQ utilized the new Service Promotions capabilities within their Amadeus iHotelier® booking engine to quickly create a special promotion for the new incentive and merchandise it using display advertising, emailing customers marketing using Amadeus Guest Management Solutions (GMS), and weaving it into their booking flow using Amadeus iHotelier. Potential guests shopping for rooms in the SEPAQ booking engine were then able to quickly assess the value of the new incentive, and instantly add the gift card to their booking, which helped increase booking conversion rates for SEPAQ and add additional value to the guest experience.


With only a few minutes of work, SEPAQ was able to build the new gift card incentive and merchandise it in the booking flow. They began receiving their gift card incentive-driven bookings within two hours. Within 30 days of the incentive program’s announcement, SEPAQ had booked more than 200 stays through the gift card program, representing 25% of all gift cards delivered by the Quebec Tourism Board to the 115 participating hotels.